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I have an unlimited supply of nuisance bamboo growing near (under) my power lines. We are constantly hacking away at it. If anyone wants any for projects drop me a note. We'll work shipping out. Diameters from tiny to 3"  across or so. Flutemakers this could be what you need!

I edited this to add...  Does anyone have any ideas for projects with an unlimited supply of this bamboo?  It would be fun to make something out of this thing that has caused me so much grief, into something other than a bonfire.


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David,.. lol... got my own stand of wild bamboo growin out back. Hard or just about impossible to get rid of it once it takes root. I made a fence from some I cut down last year. One thing I found out about a stand of wild bamboo the blackbirds luv to roost in it. Which draws snakes lookin for an easy meal....plus alot of ticks. Yep all in all it`s pretty to look at but a bitch to have growin in your yard.
Yup, it's a curse all right. We've been trying to decimate it for 20 years. Frost hit it pretty hard last year, but not hard enough.


if it wide enough you can make a didgeridoo.


Hey there`s a flute group here in the clubhouse, post something in there you might get some takers.
Great idea Randy.  I'm fish trapped & tiki bared & wind chimed out... If this stuff was good for anything, it wouldn't grow wild!
I wouldn't mind some...
Ted, send me a message with your requirements (size, quantity) and shipping address. I'll get the ball rolling.

Do you have any already dried?




Matt, some that the frost hit, has dried on the plant. It's turned a nice amber color. There's also a bunch of green stuff still growing. I'll try to get a picture posted later today.
yeah i have lots of ideas and im in florida add me as a friend.

hit me with a pm about some shipping options.





David, i discovered a guy making bamboo saxaphones last year and found his stuff very inspring.  I never got around to trying it though.  Anyway, take a look at the link below... pretty cool stuff!



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