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I have an unlimited supply of nuisance bamboo growing near (under) my power lines. We are constantly hacking away at it. If anyone wants any for projects drop me a note. We'll work shipping out. Diameters from tiny to 3"  across or so. Flutemakers this could be what you need!

I edited this to add...  Does anyone have any ideas for projects with an unlimited supply of this bamboo?  It would be fun to make something out of this thing that has caused me so much grief, into something other than a bonfire.


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Thanks for that link, Scott. That is some cool stuff. The flutes look so simple, but something tells me otherwise.

Scott Winburn said:

David, i discovered a guy making bamboo saxaphones last year and found his stuff very inspring.  I never got around to trying it though.  Anyway, take a look at the link below... pretty cool stuff!



i make an indian dbow made from bamboo and a coconut all plentiful in florida
Hmmmm... The visual in my mind is cool. This idea WILL be visited, Thanks.

billy freedom said:
i make an indian dbow made from bamboo and a coconut all plentiful in florida

make a pergalo or a gazeebo, be a cool outdoor project

just a thought !!




this is really simple bamboo, coconut/gourd/tin can, an E1st guitar string or bicycle brake cable strand, goatskin or soda bottle plastic, a carved tuning peg and a button.



Great picture... This looks like a Gremlin I had in high school!

Old Lowe said:

Nobody ever listens to Old Lowe


wind chimes man wind chimes

Othar Turner shows how to make a North Mississippi fife




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