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Contacted me today and thinks CBG's are the coolest thing ever. He wants me to do a showcase or possibly a booth. I don't have enough time to make any quantity of guitars before the event, but I told him I'd reach out and see if anyone could do enough quantity to actually have it be a sales thing. If it's a booth we are selling from, he wants $100 which I will front.


If it's just a showcase, I am willing to take anyone's guitars that they want to loan for demo, look after them, and pass out contact info. I'm happy to do it alongside what ever I have built, just pay for the shipping or you are welcome to share the showcase with me.

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thats a really generous offer to share this business, good on you, i hope you get some support..

I would if I could afford the trip... I hope to have 6 more built by then...


Crowe if you want to send a demo along, I'd be happy to babysit it and collect referrals, or mine should be done by then.



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