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 Since there isn't really a group where this fits, I'm posting it as a discussion...



In the Spring I built a 3 string, fretless Baritone CBG for a client and I liked it so much that I had to do one for myself.  But, to be "Wichita-sized" it had to be 4 strings and fretted. 

red velvet/blue light


 Here's the  basic stats.  28 inch scale length, mahogany neck, maple fretboard, P-Bass pups, tone/volume control, Padron CB and a tailpiece from a vintage parlor guitar 

mahogany neck and maple fretboard

 Headstock is a totally "one off" shape to accomodate 4 black gotoch tuners.  The mahogany neck is mostly hidden under birch headstock medallions and a highly figured fretboard 

highly figured maple fretboard

 More of that highly figured maple fretboard, with guitar pic position markers... 

body shot

Building on the box bottom gave me an expanse of beautiful wood, so why cut it up?  Holes for the pups and the bolt on neck.  A painted black bolt bridge and the vintage tailpiece finishes off an understated Baritone CBG.


Strings?  65, 56, 44 and 32   Tuning  either BEAD or low "Open B".... It gives the low sexy sound that Barry White would appreciate.... it also makes the ex Bass player in me very comfortable...


More pics and descriptions in the slide show, but I gotta tell you, this Baritone CBG is comfortable on red velvet under blue light. 



Thanks for looking,

the best,


Wichita Sam

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Gorgeous work Sam. Awesome
Thanks, I got about an hour play on it last night, it is really adding a new dimension of to my performance set.  Brings out some nice new lows....  the best,  Wichita Sam

Sanddraggin said:
Gorgeous work Sam. Awesome

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