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I am sure this has been covered some where. I want to make a uke style bass with 20 inch scale. I got my self some real nice boxes. My question is If the box is kinda stout should I still do neck through. I want it to be loud as possible.Will the tension be great with the Thunder gut strings.

I made myself an upright bass that plays good but It is not that handy to lug around.I play a little uke in my other life so a little bass uke will be great to have.

Thanks Bobby

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Thanks for all the great replies.It good to have a place to get an answer when you need it.Without good knowledge one could work really hard on something just to have it fail.We would not want that.


Just saw this Bobby.  I would still do a neck thru but cut a relief so it doesn't touch the box.  Have it contact the top only under the bridge.  Gut strings and short scale will be less tension than normal scale and strings.

Merry Christmas!


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