Handmade Music Clubhouse

Cigar Box Guitar Headquarters - CBG HQ

Clubhouse Jam on the front porch!
Post a pic of yourself playing and join the jam.
Please try to include your legs and the whole instrument in your shot.  Not much room up front for more legless shots,,,
Here we are so far, I'll keep updating it.
 Click the pic for a larger version.

(left to right)


Roof:: Mike Izzo, Hippy Chip, Taxi, Jonesy, Russ Sonny Kemner


Balcony: Denys Lord, Norbert Kochhan, Ted Crocker, C# Merle, Tom Lanford, Travis "SlackJack" Woodall


Porch: Ottie Noble, JoJo, Roosterman, Thom Underwood, Forte Maurizio, Randy S Bretz, Mikel (Medicine Man ) Doktor, Hapirhythms (Gloria), Rockabilly Al, BluesBeaten Redshaw, W.T. Tarapchak


Grass:  Fatt Max, Bill B, ANDOMAND alias Andrew Mcfadden, B Tal/Billy Bruce, Sylvain, Tinque8, Gene Jaimez, Mike McCaw, Right On John, Highwood CBG, Keni Lee Burgess, Ice Bob & Boom Boom, Tom Petry, Calim


Ground:   Pete "Papa Bo" Turner, Kevin M. Kraft, Tony "Tea Belly" Johnson, Old Lowe, Wichita Sam, David M, Fernando Amorim, Sal, Jawbone, Donald A Blitch Jr, Boneses, Wade, Joe Minter, Little Johnny Kantreed, Maverick, Smojo, Richard 'Highway Key' Stark, LJ, Railroad Don, Mark Andrew Hiley, Gonzo  Gator, WillardJ, CB Gitty, Dena Lee, Bairfoot Cajun, Mark Melchior, The Fader, Bjørn Houdorf, Little surf, Surffrog, James Bernard,  Johnnie 'Lil Stogie', Rodney Fruits, Hogs Grunt, Steven Smith - Dewy, Kimmo, Iggy, David Johnson & George the pooch, Tiny Guitars, Joës, Iner Souster, Shane Hopkins, Bjørn Houdorf, George "Doc Kazoo" Collins, Martin ''OOgie Man'' Jutras, Elmar Zeilholer, Tony the Shed Guy, Mick Hardy (crikey)


Max Shores in the cornfield shooting the next blockbuster flick!


Make an instrument and join the band!

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Nikki, thanks for waking up this group.  I removed the background of your pic pixel by pixel, and it was kinda ...

cool!. you are attractive on a pixel level...

Anyway Clubhouse: , NIKKI in the band!  

I'll get to the few other guys in a few...

Thanks Nikki, I needed a boost after I moved and the Clubhouse got put on hold and 2 new computers and my meetings of the Procrastinators Club and life got in the way and every other excuse.

I did you on the office computer, I try to avoid the office, mainly cause I live in paradise and I'm kinda semi retired. And I have a new best bud , Angus takes up my time since June 1st,  


Thanks for reminding me about the Clubhouse Orchestra!!

Wanna get married?



(who's that handsome fella she's next to?)

As the yard, porch and roof appear ta be full, how's about a pic of me jumping off the roof/floating in the air?!
I am using an iPhone so my apologies if my pic don't send.


Hi Ted!

Here my photo.

WOW I am behind on this.  Sorry.  The computer with all the files crashed, still have the backup, been really busy, the sun got in my eyes, I was on my period, NO EXCUSE.  

Honest, I ran out of gas, I had a flat tire, I didn't have enough money for cab fare, my tux didn't come back from the cleaners, an old friend came in from out of town, someone stole my car, OH MY GOD there was an earthquake, a terrible flood, locusts, IT WASN'T MY FAULT I SWEAR TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!

Hey if I don't get the 4 or 5 of you in this week, remind me, kick my butt.  I didn't get lazy, I just got lazy...

And I gotta add more room right and left, expand the place...

Ohhh! Ted!!! ...You´re so full of problems!!!...But don´t worry, be happy. Everything has solution except the death.


No Joe, I have it.  Just need to load PhotoShop on the new computer and find a few hours to get caught up.

Ted, Seems like you just won`t get to it.Thought it would be cool to be in. After all this time....I no longer care

The only pic I could find with legs Rock on T.

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