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Was wondering if you guys had any ideas on how easy(or hard) it would be to make a amplifier head unit which could be used to run a combo or cabinet amp whilst also being able to be used as a standalone unit. Me and Bear Peterson were discussing this yesterday, and I was just wondering if anyone had done any similar sort of projects. 

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The only time I made something like this I disassembled a combo amp, made an enclosure for the amp part and installed the speaker in a trunk.  For travel, the head fit inside the trunk and also some instruments.

If.... you're asking how to make a combo also serve as a head unit for a bigger cabinet/stack...., just wire output (speaker) wires of an output jack.  Then wire a second jack to the speaker(s).  If you want to run is as a combo, just jumper the two jacks.  if you want to use the amp as a head unit, run line for output jack to the cabinet/stack you want to power.

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