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Don't know where to put this so I'mn putting it here Important to me and my family


PLease brothers and sisters I ask for prayers for my wife who is on kidney dialysis three times a week. She has been on it for three years. I have heard stories where some people have had their kidneys start functioning again after three to four years. She gets depressed about it and it has effected our lives alot as to travels, everything has to be set up ahead of time for dialysis and we have to make sure she gets to them on time. Sometimes it gets to her so bad that she says she would be better off dead then no more suffering. And after each treatment she is so tired and sleeps most of the night as soon as we get home. She gets so wiped out from this. Thats why I am asking for prayer for her.

Thank you in advance


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Roger, I'm sending out a prayer to your wife in hopes of her recovery! Never EVER lose your faith! God Bless!
Your wife, you and all your family is in my prayers...and in the prayers of others as well...Hope she feels some comfort and peace very soon!
U got my prayers too!
I would like to up date about my wife, since everyones been praying on all the forums That I asked for prayer she has make recovery real quik. Now we are asking God for her kidneys to start functioning again so that she will be able to get off dialysis and show the doctors they know nothing about the power of prayer and the power of God.
I do know from close friends that people have had their kidneys start functioning again and some after being on it for 3 years.
I'm so sorry you and your wife are going thru such a rough time.
Know that we're all pulling for you and we all hope she does much better

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