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Don't know where to put this so I'mn putting it here Important to me and my family


PLease brothers and sisters I ask for prayers for my wife who is on kidney dialysis three times a week. She has been on it for three years. I have heard stories where some people have had their kidneys start functioning again after three to four years. She gets depressed about it and it has effected our lives alot as to travels, everything has to be set up ahead of time for dialysis and we have to make sure she gets to them on time. Sometimes it gets to her so bad that she says she would be better off dead then no more suffering. And after each treatment she is so tired and sleeps most of the night as soon as we get home. She gets so wiped out from this. Thats why I am asking for prayer for her.

Thank you in advance


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Roger, your wife and your family are in my prayers. I can certainly understand pain and depression, I pray her condition improves and her days are brighter.
Roger, Prayer and positive thinking have a profound impact on all of us. You, your wife and your family will be in our prayers.
Roger, you and your wife are in my thoughts
I wish your wife, you and your family lots of good luck for the future.
Stay strong.
Roger I'm prayin for yur wife's healing. This is the part in life that true love and belief in prayer truly shines. Thanks for showing the courage to reach out to others for prayers. It is a great example for me to reach out when i'm troubled. Hang in there. The Lord will come through. Steve
My prayers are with you both Roger. Hang in there.

Roger you put it in the right place in the hands of the Lord he is the Great healer our prayers are with you and your wife.

Oh I believe the Lord is the great healer as I am in the ministry and believe that prayer is powerfull thats why I ask on every forum I go on.

Ottie Noble said:
Roger you put it in the right place in the hands of the Lord he is the Great healer our prayers are with you and your wife.

Sending positive vibes your way.. Best wishes..
My thoughts are with you and your wife.
Lord, by our faith and your Word, I ask for your hand on this family.
I pray that you heal Mrs. Morin and that you give her and Rodger
extra strength and rest..... and peace as only you can provide
Lord as we lift up these prayers as one and praise you!!!!!!!!
In JESUS NAME ......YEA........
Good vibrations to you and your wife, Roger. You can't see us in cyberspace but we're with you anyway. Stay strong.

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