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Some of the new design DownUnder pickups are starting to appear in the wild.  The DownUnder is a drop-in type magnetic pickup with the soul of Stonehenge.  You cut a hole in the top of the box, drop the pickup in and screw it to the box.  The design allows the top bobbin to cover up a sloppy hole and by screwing to the box you don't have to figure how to mount it from the inside.  Here's the first batch that went out:


Bairfoot Cajun and Railroad Don have posted videos of a DownUnder in action


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856 404 0411

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It's official, they've finally launched!



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DownUnder™  3  and 4 String Pickups for Cigar Box Guitar or Custom Instrument

Unique 'Drop-in' Design


Acclaimed luthier and pioneer of the cigar box guitar movement Ted Crocker is proud to introduce the DownUnder to his line of pickups.  The DownUnder has the same soul and tone as his Stonehenge pickup made for the Honey Dripper guitar he built for the Danny Glover film Honeydripper.



The DownUnder features a unique drop-in design and mounts to the top of your box.  The Rosewood bobbin is oversized and it hides the hole needed for mounting.  No longer will you need to have a clean hole, and you don't have to worry about creating a mount inside the box.  Installation couldn't be easier!


And of course it has that famous Ted Crocker tone.


Here's Bairfoot Cajun demonstrating one of his DownUnders

Find more videos like this on Handmade Music Clubhouse


Rosewood bobbin

AlNiCo 5 magnets

AWG 42 coil wire 

Lacquer potted

Ships with 8" of hookup wire soldered on


*** Your pickup may vary slightly in appearance

*** Pickup usually ships within 4 days


The DownUnder™ is available in 3 and 4 string versions

Custom configuration available - contact Ted Crocker @ 856 404 0411


To learn more, visit TedCrocker.com, see my interview in Modern Guitars Magazine or contact me directly @ 856 404 0411 or Ted@TedCrocker.com. 

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DownUnder 4 - $44.95


DownUnder 3 - &39.95


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