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The fiddle has a sizeable heel, which I left on there so I could either screw into it from inside the box or - and this is the current favorite idea - bolt it on.


But since the neck is at an 8 degree angle, how the hell do you drill those holes in the endgrain of the heel, and line them up with the holes in the box?  Do I glue it to the box and THEN drill the holes, and if so, how do you get the drill in there?  It is a tight squeeze.


The blue tape at the scroll marks where the plated tuners go.


These are  the things that keep me up at night.



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http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=373 Diane this works great for bolt on necks, you just have to use a nut and washer on the fine thread. What you do is drill your starter hole like we talked about. Then take your neck and drill out the starter hole big enough to use the coarse thread of the hangerbolt. What you do is put on the nut on the fine thread and screw it in the neck using a wrench. Take off the nut and insert it into the hole in the box, attach the washer and nut and tighten.
Hmm, Randy.  That might be just the thing!
Diane, I have seen a 90 degree  attachment for a drill. That should give you plenty of room. Another option might be to take the back of the box apart. Some boxes come apart very easily with a little bit of  water on the inside seam. A fiddle is on my "have to build" list.

Taking the box apart would be the best plan, however no go with this box. Rusted in nails ain't goin' nowhere.




I'll look at the 90 degree attachment.

One alternative would be to bore a hole in the heal and add a dowel. You could even use the dowel out the end to hook the tail piece to.

With this method its just a matter of pin pointing where the spike goes through the end of the box. And the good part is if its off a little you could cover the misplaced tail hole with a wood cover. And prolly the biggest plus is less bracing is needed!   Oh, and did i mention the TONE ADVANTAGE!

Make a small drill jig to line up with the neck and box. Simple piece of scrap timber will do just fine. Then drill thro' jig from one side for the box and the opposite way for the neck.


Paul H suggested I tip the table on the drill press to be perfectly 90 degrees and clamp the fingerboard surface of the neck to it and then just drill through the whole heel.


I'm inclined to go that route, and run bolts all the way through to the inside of the box.  Maybe T nuts, maybe regular nuts.  But use fancy brass bolts so they look good from the outside.


Two bolts lined up vertically ought to do it.  Plus countersinking so they are recessed.

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