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Discussing a flat neck without an angled headstock.

This is something I've struggled with. I have a robo sander, a router table and a band saw. The most accurate way I have found, but is lengthy and requires being very safe is to band saw close to thickness and then use my miter gauge to slice the headstock to thickness. I want to create a FAST and SAFE way to do this. I may be there already, but looking for better ideas.

I've tried my robo sander and my belt sander to smooth out the headstock, but it is never anywhere near as even as my router. Also, the robo sander takes FOREVER removing material and I have a really heavy grit. Maybe my drill press is set too slow?

Thanks for any help guys!

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Yeah I've heard great things about those woodpeckers. I need to get into feather boarding and make my life easier and safer. First I need to replace my channels with notched channels.
trying out insetting the tuners on a flat headstock

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