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Well it was bound to happen, a mainstream instrument seller now carries Cigar Box Guitars. Elderly instruments has 5 different CBG designs in their catalog.

Art Duality $325

Art Stash $200

Kristoff $175

Hoyo de Monterrey $175

ITC 10th Anniversary $175

Click the links of each name to see more pics and descriptions, or click CIGAR BOX GUITAR - 21ST CENTURY EDITION to see the main CBG page. It says they are made in Michigan, does anyone know who the luthier is?

What do you think???

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I'd love to see a Daddy Mojo anywhere at that price!

I don't think anyone is pissed... Most folks would love to have their wares in a respectable store. We all wish Will the best of luck.

big K said:
would yall be pissed to see a daddy mojo in an elderly catalog?
i just don't think there's enough commercial interest in cigar box guitars to support a store-brand model.

most people want a guitar that is unique, sure, but how many people actually play guitars that are shaped like a woman's body, a pair of lips, an AK-47, or painted to look like a bloody corpse? very few.

that's where the specialty interest market is, in the builder.

i'm not scared of store cigar boxes. if anyone buys one, their interest in cigar boxes may be sparked. once they find us, they're likely to start building their own as well, and telling their own friends about it.

what the store is doing, ultimately, is selling a product that would likely lead a customer to us, where they may realize they don't want to buy anything from a store ever again..

like me. i started on store bought. now i lay awake at night wishing i'd learned about CBGs ten years ago.. there were times i had to go without a guitar because i had no money.. the thought is laughable now.. i can build my own, just the way i want it, for $10 in parts (not including strings)...

like i said, the special interest guitar market is small, and will likely not support these factory CBGs.

besides, buying CBGs is not so much about the guitar, but the builder. i've got a SHANE SPEAL and an LJ. they're hanging on my wall, prized possessions. now i want a smokehouse.. and a mojo.. and a red dog... and a lowebow.. and .. . and....

but i'm still always compelled to play my own when performing. there's no feeling in the world like being on stage and entertaining with an instrument you built entirely on your own.

...so i'll just keep playing my own, and when those newcomers with fresh store-bought CGBs in their hands show up, we'll have a great time catching them up on the cigar box culture! :D

have a great day guys!

These are not cigar box guitars guys, these are hobby box guitars.  Where,I ask, are the cigar boxes in these toys?

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