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If any of you have interest in such things, here's a PDF file of an electric bending iron I put together a while back. Right click on the PDF below and select Save Link As.. to download. Enjoy!

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Great plans! Thanks Dave.
thank you so much for the bending iron plans. Luv ya!
Thanks Dave...

Nice plans Dave.

Another simple idea is to get a piece of steel tubing, hold it in a vice (vise), and place a gas torch, as used for soldering plumbing pipe, just inside the tube and it will heat up quite quickly. You should cover, or blank, the open end of the pipe to stop excessive heat/flame coming out of the end of the pipe and burning you or your clothes. The heat  is controlable by regulating the flame.

 Just a thought for quickness if you just want to try bending guitar sides etc. without a large outlay.


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