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so, I have a festival coming up and built several stompboards, but was not satisfieds, so... I built my own porch floor...

1 by rough cut white oak floor boards on 4x4 stringers... throw a mic under the floor and you get a serious juke joint stomp sound. 


also getting to sell at a performers booth, so have built 5 CBGs for the booth...

extreme measures, but what the heck?


the best,


Wichita Sam


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Dont you have to build 100 of them before they have the sound?

probably, but I got lucky on this one......

wa, that's a cool idea ! would love to see and hear it!

Come to West Plains Missouri Saturday afternoon.  I'll be on Stage 2 at the Ozark Heritage Music Festival.....

ah would love to but i'm from france!  will you post some vids?

If someone does some videoing I'll post it.... several of our friends will be there....

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