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I have a violin without a fingerboard.  The neck is broken clean in half right below the head.

I can get the two pieces to nest back together and glue them, but I also want to add a splint on the fingerboard side of the neck. 

How do I cut the slot for the spint to go into?  It won't be much longer than 1" or so, and maybe 1/4" wide. 


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I'm thinking a dremel router bit.  This is a very small piece of work.

Didn't consider steel.  Hmmm!

yeah i like lowes idea you need to route a channel for your splint, a steel rod would be best.  Just clamp (or screw) in a plank along the top to follow for a straight line.

alternatively you could mix up an epoxy and make a cf spar in there but its a real messy (and expensive) job

I'm taking a "real" luthier's class this summer on violin repair and set-up.  Should I wait and see how the "real" guys do it?

Whats a "real" luthier?

Hardwood biscuits me thinks, why add weight?

Those little wafer-y things?  Maybe two of them?

How to cut the slots?  I suppose the little rotary saw attachment on the dremel.

True about the extra weight.  Even playing the hardanger conversion thingy one I made is tiring.


I've done repairs like that on a guitar. Maybe the violin is a little different animal because it's smaller and maybe less string tension. Anyway, on a guitar you would put in two splines parallel to each other. The splines need to run more like 2" past the break. You would, of course, glue the neck back together first before putting in the splines.

I use a Dremel router with a router template. Will try to upload some pics.


Here's one somebody did on a mandolin which is more similar in size to the violin. It looks a little wimpy to me, but the guy says the repair is holding.


Ask a real Luthier.  Since there is no finger board this is EASY!.   NO STEEL...jeez.  Glue the neck as is with regular wood glue.  Make sure that it is straight and joined perfectly.

On the neck side, where you would put the finger board, route a 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch slot the length of the neck, nut to body.  Insert an ebony "pin" and glue it into the slot.  Level, glue on the finger board.  It should work perfect.

Use the magic glue with the cow on the label.


Mark, what Magic Glue With Cow is that?


Har!  You got me!  Elsie looks so weird you kind of forget she's a cow at all.

The challenge to me may be that a little even pressure required on the joint til the glue dries. maybe add dummie fretboard used as a temporary splint til the joint dries?


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