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I've seen a number of references to using oils to finish the fret board.  However, often, no clarification is given.  I see some use olive oil, but… what kind?  I also see tongue oil mentioned...how would you use it?  Heated? rubbed in? how many applications?  I also see Mayo mentioned.    What brand?(joking) 

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I use orange oil and bees wax. Works great, and you can put on as many coats as you want. I also use it on the neck. Very durable, and if the neck gets dinged or scratched, a little light sanding and a coat of orange oil and bees wax makes it new again.

I bought a gallon of Boiled Linseed Oil at Home depot? I think? If not it was at Lowes. That gallon will last me forever. I heard it has to be boiled or it may stink later???

Dick Mott said:

Do ya have any idea on where to get some?  I'd like to try it.

Charles W. (Charlie) Brown said:

Has anyone tried walnut oil? According to Wikipedia, it dries faster then boiled linseed.

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