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One of the problems that I had early on was inconsistant fretboard finishing... sometimes I'd get a nice neck/fretboard that played all the way down the neck and sometimes I'd have buzzes or even skipped notes where (obviously) the neck was not true and level.   I finally worked out a low tech way of truing/planing the neck/fretboard for consistant results....


1) start with the straightest wood you can.

2)  when you have your neck roughed-out, cross hatch the top of the neck with pencil marks.

3) on a flat table, glue down a strip of sand paper longer than the neck.  I use 60 grit 4"X48" sanding belt with the splice cut out.  contact cement works good to affix the sandpaper to the tabletop.

4) hand sand the neck by passing the neck over the sandpaper until the pencil cross hatching goes away...

5) If you're building on the neck, you're done, if you're adding a seperate fretboard, repeat the process...

Before I started this, I would sometimes have to scrap necks and even whole CBGs because you can't eyeball a neck good enough to know if it's out of level.  After I instituted this as a regular step, I have not had to do any serious filing of frets to get a great playing neck.


Yea, I know, it's more time, but to get a great playing CBG and to keep from wasting time on unplayable neck, I doubt that I will ever build another neck without doing this...



the best,


Wichita Sam

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Great tip Sam - thanks for sharing!

Yeah I agree with W.T...great tip...Thanks Sam !!!!

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