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Kickin around the idea of building a 6 shooter for my Dad since the 3 stringers just piss him off. Came across this jewel on the bay.....http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&_trksid=p4340.l25...


I've got no idea how I'm gonna mount it....sure it will be an adventure. Any of y'all who have played with this style (acoustic) of neck on a cbg, jump right in...

The attached pics are just examples...I gotta neck only.

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mount it to box and go...


i've got two of those oahu squarenecks that are whole, but that neck came of one with a larger body, the parlor sized ones are slotted.

Mounted the neck to some maple blocking using "nut-inserts" and 1/4" connecting bolts. Worked like a charm!

The neck was a lil short so I had to find a larger box and rework a fret board for a 23" scale.


NICE!, I hope the old man likes it!
Neat looking build. with short of a neck would you still need a truss rod?
Mark, this neck had no truss rod in its previous life.....and it carries on without one....
got it. I like it a lot
If 3 stringers just pisses him off, I'd suggest therapy,... 'cause music won't help.

He's played 6 stringers forever. I played drums. When I discovered CBG's and just had to build one....I built him one....he never really loved the 3 stringers, he noodled around on it but he sat down and went right to playing this one.

Part of it ( with the first one)  mighta been the toothpick frets and high as crap action.....naw, I'm sure it was the three strings.

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