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its just amazing , I recently saw just how childish and ignorant some people can be , you must feel really  threatened in the quality of your craftsmanship to be such an ass too someone else .

  your true colors have shown thru "What an Ass" to be this way towards fellow cbg`ers .its a damn shame  ! rant over , if any questions please feel free too ask -----------

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I don't know what's going on, but I usually find this place to be very supportive of fellow builders. I enjoy seeing what everybody is coming up with. There are a lot of very creative builders here, that's what I like about this place..

What happened???

its just amazing that he put a post up with no reason's.

if you can't explain then don't put a post up winging about this or that.

other wise other will think your an ass for putting it up the 1st place with no explanation.

an admin. from another cbg  site thru (facebook) sends out invites too the site, another fellow builder joins and has a possible buyer interested in one of his builds , the admin. proceeds too piss all over the potential sale then blocks the would be seller, if you didnt want the guy or his stuff to get recognition  then why did the admin. send out the invite in the first place for example :: if you have someone interested in one of your builds for purchase, then i come along and throwout 4-5 links or names of other builders , only too steer your potential buyer away from your sale and goes too the length to block you . i just feel that this kind of thing is childs play and not very cool at all, didnt happen too me ,but did happen too a friend of mine and its just a shitty way of running a public site

if you think im an ass thats ok , but you judge me without knowing anything or knowing me , so that just tells me what kindof person you must be . i was just trying to put a heads up out for other fellow builders to be aware because this actually happened 

I wasn't thinking of you as an ass Steve, I said others might think your an ass for not explaining the problem.

we all have problems at times but putting one up and not explaining what the problems was will leave folks thinking wtf.

as for that administrator he's definitely an ass that's for sure. 

anyway Steve you stick with us and show us your builds.

you take care bud.

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