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Hello all:

A few nights ago, Ted, Ted and I toyed with the idea of a Skype party on Christmas Eve at midnight EST.  It seems like our dream is becoming a reality.  We will take a few hours to laugh, sing, play music and generally hangout.  If you are interested in joining the festivities, this is what you will need:

1.  Make a Skype request to connect with me (Dena Lee) by my Skype name denasings.  If you aren't sure how to do this, just ask. 

2.  Find a Santa hat or something fun to wear that we can see.

3.  Have a cup/glass/stein/mug/can of good cheer ready.

4.  If you want to play music, have 2 songs ready to play/sing (in G if you can so we can jam along).

The night will go something like this (all times are EST):

Midnight:    Sign in, chit chat and enjoy YouTube DJ requests

1:00 AM     A toast

1:15 AM     Music jam

2:30 AM     Try to stay awake, chit chat some more

3:00 AM     Sign off

Let's hope the technology works.  There's room for 10 to participate at any given time.  And I am sure some people will come and go.  If you cannot Skype or if you are camera shy, just show up in the Main Room Chat between midnight and 3 AM.  We will keep those in chat up to date.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you and having a grand time.

Stay tuned,


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Wheeee! Ted and Ted, are you available for a tech test on the 23rd? If so, what time after 6pm EST?

If I can stay awake, I'm in!

Join the Clubhouse Skype group, post your Skype name and join us for a jammin' Christmas Eve!!

Ok, folks.  The first test went well last night.  There will be another test run on Dec. 23rd at 7PM EST. Don't forget to request contact at "denasings" on Skype.  We will be hanging out for a few hours and there can only be 10 on at a time.  But be sure to hang out in the Main Room because we will communicate there as well as always. 

Meanwhile, if you want, check out this list of Christmas tabs.  These are the ones we will try to play together.  So get your killer/screamin' solos ready.  From this list, learn 12 Days of Christmas, Rudolph, Silent Night and White Christmas.  http://www.chordie.com/publicbooks.php?show=details&songid=361260

Stay tuned!

Dena Lee

Sign up in the Clubhouse Skype group and join us for a fun Christmas Eve!

Hey, All:

I hope all is well. We had so much fun Christmas Eve that we are going to try it again tonight. Hope you can join us.

See ya next year!!


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