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Here it is, click Handmade Music Jukehouse

how it works.


thanks for checking it out.

this member profile has been set up to try and serve as a listening post for the great music that lives on the music players of the handmade music clubhouse members.


it will allow people to have a place to listen to a cross section of the 'handmade music' created by the members here.


when you are listening to the player on the jukehouse page and hear a tune you like , just click on the name in the added by column of the player and link to the member page that contributed that song.



if you would like to be part of this project just let me know.





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Thanks Ets, I know it's a lot of work. The up side is you get to listen to all the great music here, and share it with us.

Here's the reminder to put Cajun's version of The Weight on there.

Thanks again!!
awesome idea ets...would love to be part of this go ahead and put any or all of my stuff on
done frog
hey all\

bairfoot cajun is number 1 with a bullet.

i would like to have as may different people featured on the jukehouse player. please help spread the word. if you have music i can add to the player or know some one who does please let me know..

Sounding good!!!!!
railroad don's 24 hr hardware store track just added.

if you have a tune you would like us to feature on the player just let us know.

a very special thank you to the folks who have already allowed on of their tunes to be added to the player,

Ok Im and old duffus....how does this work? I can contribute a few original tunes, MP3 , Wav send to where.....Ok so Im sllooowwww...smile......GrEaT idea BTW......Mike
I think this a great idea. New to me, so how do players submit audio files/songs?
Been too busy building, but I know I need to make time to write and play more...would like to post some tunes.
e guertin,

I uploaded two songs in MP3 format to my page...please feel free to put them in the jukehouse.....
I buy orphaned guitars that need repair then fix em up and use them on my original songs, like the two I uploaded.

Thanks for this cool idea! Juke On!

Mike Cossey
time bomb is number 1 on the playlist ....................nice sounds
Great job Mike!

Great job everyone!


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