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another new guy here just getting started on my first build, got a couple of smaller boxes so glued them together, now need to shore up the insides some for stiffness.

Lots of great stuff here in the group. Met some folks willing to share info and friendship.

Some really geart pic here as well, sure to inspire me with ideas.

Also trying to learn some basic music stuff as well.

Didnt have any real direction until I saw the strum stick and 3 string cigarbox guitar.


Thanks for letting me aboard !

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Welcome TP! Some awesome folks here, always willing to help. Pop into the chat room just about anytime with any questions or just to have a beer and hang out. I'm always blown away by the pics and vids posted, lots of inspiration and new ideas. Check out the group CBG Playing for Dummies to get started playing, great vids in there.

Have fun!
Hi TP, welcome. Looking forward to seeing what you do with those two boxes stuck together... keep us posted!
I have done something simular, but I put my boxes on top of each other. Welcome to the wonderful world of instrument building!
Welcome to the MADNESSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssss...and bring on the noissssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSE! :-)
Fair warning... building these things is very addictive, but so much fun. Welcome!
Thanks Folks, You're right. Addictive & Fun, There I was today outside glueing some supports in the two boxes I joined together. Now have to get on a mission to find some neck material :) SOOOoooo many ideas floating thru my head for future builds and I dont even have my first one done yet . Aint it great
welcome to the club hope you find lots to inspire you here, i'm no expert but if i can help feel free to ask .
I dont know about that not an expert thingie, from some of your pics ya got posted I would say you got a pretty good handle on things. That beer can amp is pretty cool. Just what I needed, another excuse to drain a can :)

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