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How much more difficult is a dog bowl resonator to build compared to a regular cbg? Thanks, Bill

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HI Bill..Not difficult at all..Just cut the right size hole , sink in the dog bowl upside down, drill a few holes and screw it down to your home made body and wa la..You have a dog bowl resonator..I will post a picture of the one I just got done with in  a few minutes..Jim

I agree with Jim.  Easy as pie.  The trick is cutting the hole and for that... I use a Dremel circle cutter.  I tried lots of options and in the end game, that circle cutter did a better job than anything else I've tried.  It works with the cheapest Dremel tool and was well worth the investment.

Amazon ASIN:  B000HI5WTY

For twelve bucks and the cost of the Dremel tool... worth every penny.

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