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I was wondering where people sell their Instruments and how much they charge?I have made a few instruments now for myself and people I know and a few from requests, I now have a few that I can sell. I have no Idea how much they should go for and I don't want to sell on places like e bay and etsy.

what's peoples views?

By the way I'm in England UK

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Well I jump in with a comment. I haven't sold any CBG yet, but as a woodcarver I have sold my carvings and over the years have  learned some things that would apply to CBG's or any craft item.

I don't live in England, but I'm guessing they have craft shows, local music fest, holiday events, flea markets, etc. Check out a few local ones, talk to vendors, get info on fees, regulations, competition, number of people, sales, etc.

The only way to sell is to get out there. Expect a learning curve & expect bad days & good days. Also word of mouth, craig list ebay etc. would work, but I prefer face to face sales. I have demo my CBG & Canjo @ local farmer's market & got a tremendous response so I'm build inventory for Dec show.

Make sure you have an inviting booth, engage the people, play & have fun! Also Shane Spiel have a video on selling @ craft shows. Here's the link http://youtu.be/lhHkAcG2QHI

Anyway hope  this helps.

I've mostly sold 'to order', building for a particular player.  At times I've built an instrument and listed it on eBay, with great results. Lately I've been making simpler builds in quantity and setting up a booth at fests, concerts and events.  The results were good, but bad weather closed me down most times.  I still make custom builds 'to order', with clients coming mostly from my reputation, word of mouth, repeat clients and exposure here and around the web.  Currently I'm looking into a shop with a storefront at a local resort area with live music all week.

Great idea and let me know if you need anyone to sweep out the shop. I can sleep in the back & keep an eye on things. Of course I'll have to ask the wife if it's okay. Ha!

I'm selling in local art and craft shows, flea markets and a lot on EBay. Hey, I was reluctant to try online sales, but there are people out there that want to buy these instruments, so I figure, "Might as well be mine as somebody else's!" And I'm selling them almost as fast as I can build them. But you've gottat be willing to be competitive with the other builders prices, and you've got to produce a good quality build. And you've gotta be willing to accept EBay's 10% morbido!

Thanks for the comments and advice. Great news I have some instruments in a local music shop and they have asked for more to be made. I don't have to do this for a living as yet so time to look around and try stuff first. also I get time to play around with new builds. I guess I'll find out what sells or doesn't eventualy.

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