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Hey Guys, I know this may seem to be a strange post for a instrument makers site but let me explain.

If anyone has read my page I am also a Master Bladesmith in which I make quality knives and other edged weaponry. Part of the process when I do the cabbing (the wood slabs for the handles) I "stabilize" them. I do this by placing the cabbing which coated with a liberal amount of a special epoxy resin and placed in a small air tight bag. The air is then pumped out via a small vacuum pump which draws the resin into the wood or whatever material is used. The result is a wood that then reacts much like resin and not wood. Many of the high quality wood hunting bows are made in the same manner. It can be sanded, shaped, polished like glass, and it is hard as nails. I have noticed that the larger pieces that I have done seem to have a resination that seems much better than just pieces that are just prepped and varnished.

Hence the great epiphany!

I want to try to do much larger pieces to make a CBG from a bandsawn solid block of rosewood. My intent is to saw off the faces of each side, cut out the center, then reassemble. If I stabilize it, it will never split and have the appearance of a solid block of wooden glass. I have quite a crap load of rosewood that I got from a large rosewood tree that was felled during hurricane Gene and wish to put it to use. My problem is most of the pumps that Bladesmiths use are way to small. A larger bag is no prob, it's just a larger pump I need. I have thought of useing a pump from a larger air compressor but plumbing it may be quite a chore.

If any of you guys out there have any ideas please leave a comment.

Keep Jammin!


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Good luck with that rig, not overkill at all. might double as " A Goose transporter" sucking those pesky birds right out of the sky!

Joe Thomas said:
Yep, I need something that really sucks! LOL!

B Tal, I have been entertaining the same bell jar (a steel case box) idea as I was just offered the use of an air pump that we electricians use the blowout the large sized service conduits. It is a Ford 5.0 (302) engine on a trailer that runs on the 4 cylinders on one bank to power it, and the other side is fitted with a special head that turns the other 4 cylinders into a 4 cyl air pump. Damn thing will blow water out of a 6" pipe 100 feet into the air. Can't use hose on this as it would suck it flat so I will have to galvanized hard pipe it to the box or bag that is used. Though a bit overkill, it may very well work if an "Air-bleed" valve is installed to control the rate of vacuum.
joe ,how about a milking machine vac.pump?not big enough?you can usually find them at farms that have upgraded their systems.

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