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So I took an onboard EQ and made it stand alone by mounting it in a cigar box. It had a 1/8 rod piezo pick which I replaced with a 1/4 inch jack. It should work like this,Plug pickup into new jack and run cord from the out to amp. I had it wired wrong the first time and no stars. I fixed the wiring and no stars.However when I move the sliders and knobs it changes the sound coming out of the amp. Could anybody offer me a hint as to what to try now?

Thankyou Bobby

PS; I did not think to check the China battery, I will do that next time I get to a store.Stupid me,one should ckeck the easy stuff first.Ind my defesne the little light is on.

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That should work.   Along the same line as checking the easy stuff... are the wires hooked up to the right terminals?  Never hurts to double-check.

The main question is what does "no stars" mean?  What's happening when you try to play your git through the EQ?

I've tried this with 3 different EQs.  Two of them worked with CBGs.  One of them worked with CBG but not with mags (understandable; it's wired to recognize piezo).  The third one (Joyo) didn't work at all.  So if you double-check the wires and replace the battery and it still doesn't work, could be you either have a bad unit or it doesn't work well with mags.  If your git is piezo, most likely it's a bad EQ unit.

If you can enclose a photo of the EQ unit and wiring to jack we might have a better chance of debugging.

Thank you Wayfinder.

When I said "no stars' I was making fun of a tv promo. I should not have done that as not everybody is force fed a diet of tv.What I ment to say is that it didn't work.

I haven't got set up to send pix as yet,I am still working on it. I am using a rod piezo. I have some noise coming from the amp when plugged in. A kind of loud humming but no string noise.When I move the sliders it changes the sound of the hum.

I just made a trip to town and got a new battery have not tried it yet.

KK if you're using a rod, I'd say it's either battery or wiring, one of the two. Let us know what results. : )

Wayfinder said:

KK if you're using a rod, I'd say it's either battery or wiring, one of the two. Let us know what results. : )

Hello Wayfinder.

I was not lucky enough for it to be the battery.I had the wires in the wrong place. It is however working fine now. One must turn the gain down on the amp in order to use a preamp. It was fun to make and it works well. I got less than 20bucks in it.

I sure am glad you are out there in handmade world I think everybody else died.One would think a site like this folks would be posting like crazy.Thank You for your advice.


Glad to hear it's working well.  You're not the first to have wires on wrong; it's always the first thing I check when I can't get something I've just wired to work right.  It is soooo easy to hook a wire to the wrong terminal.

Glad to help.   Yeah, it can be kinda dead around here sometimes.  I've heard there are some very active CBG forums but aside from this one and CBN I'm not acquainted with any.  Still, someone in need of help is in need of help, no matter where they post. : )

Guitar building could also be called 'creative problem solving'.  Always a mistake to learn from.

You're right there Ted.  Just when I think I've got something down pat, a new twist comes along. Sometimes it's a good one, sometimes not, but it's always a learning experience.

I can tell I'm getting smarter cause I ask better questions. It works like this;I ask a question. I never ask for help till it is the last option. I get an answer.I act upon the answer.That opens a whole new world.Then I start back at the beginning of a new project. What a great life.

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