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I know it is along way away from a CBG. I would like to know if anyone has made a jews harp (I am making one now out of steel) and if there any good DVD or instruction manuals on them. I have watched some instructions on Utube but they didn't help me.

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I've got a couple of Jaw harps. Very simple and Cheap. But I haven't tried to build one yet.

I have several but I seem unable to get any form of musical sound. They twang and make a sound of sorts but I can't vary the pitch or hold the beat for more than one breath

Sanddraggin said:

I've got a couple of Jaw harps. Very simple and Cheap. But I haven't tried to build one yet.

I'm not an expert by any means but one thing that helped me was to move the harp so the tongue thing is more in the middle of my mouth and to get the breathing going it helps sustain the notes.

Looks great. I hope to have my steel one finished this week,I am going to try saw blade steel as the tongue. Have another one in the pipeline with a copper frame. Bass harps are long and have a thick tongue



Red belly


Just last night I was watching "How its Made" on TV. They had a segment on a guy that makes mouth bows and jaw harps.I think it is on the science channel. Just did a little checking it was episode 245. The guys name is Clayton Bailey



Took the advice and spent a few dollars and bought a harp from the UK which was tuned to C. Easy to play and sounded great. Bought a CD from the USA on how to play, great. Bought a book from the UK on "Throat Singing". All I have to do now is finish the two I am making and learn how to tune them and put a lot of time into practice.


Watched the Utube for Byron Kay, "awesome" got a lead on a few others. Havn't much time to learn the harp at the moment. Am getting CBG lessons from Paul but along with many other things it is on the "bucket List"

My Jews harp is half finished. I used 6 mm copper rod, 300 mm long (EBay). Used a butane torch to help bend it into a rough shape. The tongue is from an old cheap tenon saw. I tried to screw and solder the two parts but it but was unsuccessful. Am now going to use small bolt and then hammer it like a rivet

Interesting project you have going here, stainless spring steel would be the trick im thinkin,

I saw a idea to make the frame out of large cotter pins - not to difficult perhaps. Any updates on materials for the reed, that would seem to be the hardest part to come by. How did the saw blades work?

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