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Last year at this time I had a brief mishap w/ my table saw that put me out of commission for a while. Although it bit me, my reflexes helped thwart a real disaster.


Since then, my loving better half (aka 'the wife') has made me promise to avoid power tools when 'veneer' is being used.


So Wednesday I had a bit of "wake n bake" and opted to keep out of the shop. Instead I would go fetch some tools from the barn and work in the gardens. Seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately my clumsy feet got tangled on something and I fell on top of the garden rake...and impaled my right knee in three places...


Now once you stop squinting your eyes and wincing your faces...


It was all my fault...carrying too much...but it could have been worse.


Moral to this story ?  When using veneer...sit down with guitar and chill out.

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