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I want to thank everyone that replied to my question concerning power for a new amp I"m planning. That project has been packed away temporarily. Talking with my grandson about a 2x4 lap steel guitar. That has now become the new project. Parts are ordered, going to menards today to check out materials. With close to $80 in parts ordered from Gitty I decided it needs to be built with nicer wood than an old 2x4. Does anybody with experience building a lap steel have any hints or tips?  I'll post pictures of my progress as I go.

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Chuck, the Gitty 2X4 lap steel is a cool, simple build.  A nicer piece of wood would be great.  I built 'GOOSE', a serious lap steel from an awesome piece of mahogany. CLICK HERE FOR A STEP BY STEP BUILDER PROGRESS BLOG. Good luck!!

What's your opinion on pickup location? I got the soap bar pickup. Too many arguments as to whether it should be near the bridge, near the neck or somewhere in between


If you like more of a mellow, deep, blues tone, mount it near the fretboard.  For more of a lead twanging tone mount in by the bridge.

Thanks again Ted

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