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Worth another look.

And maybe a comment or 2?...

Nice stuff Ted!

I wonder how many of the younger folk realize this is a 60's folk song, not a "Walk Off The Earth" song.


But anyway, interesting video and cool that Daddy Mojo got some face time.

When I was teaching history I would show a film each year of the urban sprawl in Southern California with Pete Seeger singing Little Boxes in the background. Most of the homes in LA are very similar in design and sided with stucco. I'm pretty sure Malvina Reynolds was aware of this when she wrote the song. I just did a Google and in fact, Reynolds was from CA. 

They're all made outta ticky-tacky and they all look just the same...left L.A. in '91 and would never go back...there were days in the summertime that were so smoggy, we couldn't see the mountain range right behind our house. But it did make for some interesting sunsets...purple-brown-pink vomit sorta shade of crazy.


But I digress...I really like this video...it's genius !

I left LA in 1970 never to return. The air quality was probably even worse in the 60s. The only time you ever saw Arrowhead and Big Bear was during the clearest days of winter. I enjoyed my seven years there but LA got too big and too crowded for this small town boy! 

Arrowhead and Big Bear were two of my favorite places...learned to snow ski in Big Bear.

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