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I am interested in building a lowe bow after seeing a video by the North Mississippi Allstars the other night.

Has anyone ever built one that has some tips?

Anyone have any close up pictures of the nut and tuning machine setup?

I read that Lowe Bows have a moveable nut with a capo and wondered how that works.

Was also curious about how to fit 3 guitar strings on a circular dowell instead of the normal flat headstock?

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It would be best to refer to your build as " in the style of a lowebow" or something like that. Johnney is protective of the name. Only instruments built by him can use that name. But you can look at his page here and see some pictures.  http://handmademusicclubhouse.com/profile/JohnnyLowebow?xg_source=p...

Good point.  Thanks

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