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I like watching movies that have anything to do with artists bios, History of an instrument especially documentaries. I went on HULU and watched a great Documentary about Les Paul (You may need to register with HULU to watch these movies)


This is a movie called HENDRIX


If you have an Embed code for a movie Please share it.



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That Les Paul one is great. It was on Netflix as well. Honey Dripper and It Might Get Loud are great. Netflix has all sorts of behind the music. There's a great Queen documentary. When they talk about recording it gets pretty cool.
Songs Inside The Box by Max Shores

Purchase the DVD HERE


Richard Johnston: Hill Country Troubadour a documentary by Max Shores

Max, is this available for purchase??

Click Here to view the trailer
Don't know if this counts, but The Commitments is a cool flick with some great music

via The Insider

there is lot of links to watcht new The Doors movie/document called when you're strange (is coming for dvd soon also). Narration by Johnny Depp.

It's good document. So much better than Oliver Stones Doors movie.
M O V I E S . . . NOT TRAILERS..... Haaaaa

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