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Im New toall of this and I can't stop trying to learn all I can.  A lot is done through experimentation, and here are a few pics of my latest that I am currently working on.

This is my current build in progress.  I don't have a monkey on my back (i.e "buyer"), so if it turns out really good, It'l probably become a personal.  In the meantime it's called "fun"
.This is showing the theme of the neck.  The headpiece and tailpiece are free hand carved and treated with Super Glue, as will the fret board when the sanding is rough finished, hence the darken color.
  The "headpiece is not attached at this pint, because I'm still working on the head.  Once I seal the fingerboard with SG then I'll sand everything down to 3000 grit and buff, Then apply grapeseed oil to the fingerboard, headpiece and tailpiece.  
The tailpiec has been "roughed in.  The white accent will be cut out where the rivit goes into the Tail to hold the string. 

The underside of the neck showing the "accent piece.  The neck is radiused to a modified "C" and will have a clear coat of deft gloss layered to a deep shine.  I still haven't decided if a stain will be applied on any of the pieces.

I know I should have a basic plan before I start, but when I start with the wood, I have to let it take me where it seems to want to go.    Call it a Zen experience (lol), but it takes me where i like.  Now with CBGs I can combine my two greatest fascinations, wood and music.

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Hi Ted,

I really hope so!  I just got back from Houston, visiting my kids.  While there, my son's father-in law gave me a batch of 1/2" Honduran mahogany paneling he had put up in his barn for the last 20 years. It came out of an old house that he helped demolish that was about a hundred years old.  I did a test on a small piece wet sanding down to 1500 grit, and it absolutely glowed.  I should have enough for about a dozen gits.  Can't wait to get started.  

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