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Is there a vid out there some place that shows the correct way to do neck angle?

Call me dummy , I can't figure out how to do it so the strings are not a 1/4 inch from the neck down next to the box.

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Hey Dummy Put the back end a little higher than the front end. lol
I put a little shim in the back....

Fruits has it figured out.
Or if you are doing a top-mounted neck-thru, slice of a wedge from the fingerboard contact point to the tail end, and then cut out the recess. Screw to the top as usual. This photo shows the wedge cut out, narrow point near the fingerboard, wider point at the tail. The heel block is ready for gluing. The recess is already cut away, too.

(The bandsaw needs a new blade, and would it kill me to cut the grass?)
Bolt-on necks, such as I've been using, are fairly easy; you just cut the "butt" end of the neck to the desired angle.

I did a lot of research when I built my mandola; the sources all said 5 degrees. It worked!

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