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Neck meets box - how do YOU do it? Please post photos of the insides...

One of the main things I'm trying to figure out is how to approach the layout of all that is inside the box... I've read a few conflicting arguments and seen photos of different approaches, but don't have a good idea how to choose:

Neck through, attached fully to top ?
Neck through, attached to top with cutout to allow top to vibrate?
Neck through, attached only to sides, or sides & back?
Neck, um, not through... w/ bracing?

Bracing the top... all sorts of possibilities, but I suspect anything more than the basics is overkill with such a small surface.

I suspect I could start a bit of a brush war asking what is the RIGHT way, so I'm just going to ask how you like to do it instead :)


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Fitzhugh: Check out the "smokin' mandolins" group at Cigar Box nation....Some nice pieces there.
Johnny Lowebow said:
I have a party and invite them. Put them next too each other at the table. Neck this is Box. LOL

I tried that. They didn't seem interested in even speaking to each other.

Mark, will do, thanks

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