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After putting some coats of finish on some stuff in my classroom this morning, I went through the drive-thru for a drink and the lady said, "Oh! You smell so good! What is that?" I said, "um.. wood stain."
I'm gonna pour the TruOil into little bottles and sell it.  HA!

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That's funny! But seriously Tru Oil and cologne probably do share some ingredients, except you'll never know for sure because the perfume industry doesn't have to label what's in their products.

Is it the cent or the buzzz that makes you think she finds you so appealing?

I have to laugh... scent association is a topic I've done considerable thinking about... I wonder if her daddy used TruOil?  I have this theory that women are attracted to daddy scents from early childhood. Like instantly feeling safe and warm, cuddly and loved triggered by the same scents as what daddy smelled like when they were a wee baby.  If, of course, he was a good daddy who made them feel all safe and loved, didn't scare them or anything.  It may be a combination of scents instead of one particular scent, like leather and tobacco or a certain cutting oil scent lingering on clothes washed in Tide mixed with a hint of deoderant or aftershave.  There has to be something to that and I wish someone would research it as there has to be a reason why some women say Oooobabies!!! when other women say EWE.

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