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I got a pair of cheap P-bass pickups and was wondering if i could use them on a guitar build. Is there any significant difference between bass and reg. guitar pickups (besides the number of poles)? 

Another question - the wiring diagram from Semour Duncan lists 250K Pots, but of course I've only got 500K lying around. What would be the difference if I switched out the 250K pots for the 500K pots?

Thanks in advance! I'm just starting to learn how to wire pickups so no advice is too rudimentary . . .


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The bass pickup and 500k pots will work fine.  Click here for any wiring diagram you need, and just ask me if you need something not there.

Your pair of P-bass pickups is effectively the four pole, four string answer to a humbucker for six strings. They are supposed to be wound backwards to each other to cancel electrical hum. I am using a pair of cheapies in one build and finding them quite high impedance as a pair. I like a real clean sound and these are a little throatier. That being said, I am happy with them.

Ted and Dave

I just realized that I forgot to thank you for the advice! Please accept my belated thanks, I really appreciate the help.


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