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i got an old zenith console phono/radio. radio works great but the phono humms.need to find a source for paper capacitors. any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks all

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Quite a few on Ebay Bone - dependin on what size you're needing?
I hope you didnt need help in a hurry, got here quick as I could...
http://electronics.kellysearch.com/suppliers/paper+capacitors/US/13... - a link listing current distributors of paper capacitors.

http://www.justradios.com/captips.html - a little tip sheet, if you're not worried about "authenticity" you can replace the paper caps with film caps (readily available, cheaper.....did I mention cheaper)

http://www.mcmelectronics.com/search.aspx?K=film%20capacitors -an electronics supply, used to use these guys extensively when I did TV repair. Solid company to deal with. You can get film & mylar caps here.

http://www.antiqueradio.org/recap.htm -another useful link for when nobody's chattin and you need somethin to read...
I'd advise not replacing with paper - poly caps of the same value (or same farad but higher voltage value) will last better. Paper caps that you find tend to be dried-out old stock, and don't often last long.

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