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I have a Macanudo box that I'd really like to use, but it is covered/lined with a heavy paper, enough to deaden the resonance of the box.  Should I just forget the box, peel the inner paper off,

or...? looking for direction from someone who has had faced this challenge before.

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I have built with Romeo and julieta boxes many times. Not only are they paper but they have particle board lids. I built the first by accident thinking I would only build with wood boxes. Found out too far into the build to stop. It sounded great and is still one of my favorite builds to date. I always take the loose paper off of the inside. I have built many and the only box I stay away from is skinny boxes. I am never happy with the sound when the boxes have no depth.

Thanx for that info.  This is one of their larger boxes (the biggist I've worked with.  What they hay, isn't this the garnd experiment?  If nothing more, I'll at least learn some & have fun doin' it.

My first build was a diddley bow using a Romeo & Julieta box. Top and sides were Masonite but it has a pretty good sound. The second was a non-fretted 3-string using an all-wood Macanudo box covered with paper and it too has a very nice sound. I rings like a banjo. A friend game me seven R&J Churchill boxes so before it's all over I should have a pretty good handle on what Masonite boxes sound like. I already know it's more difficult to work with than Spanish cedar.

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