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Peter Frampton's Prized Guitar Found Over 30 Years After Plane Crash

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Peter Frampton's Prized Guitar Found Over 30 Years After Plane Crash

Peter Frampton can make a guitar talk, but he couldn't make his most-prized axe phone home from the Caribbean, where it had been lost for over 30 years. Fortunately for the rock legend, some enterprising fans were able to track down the Gibson Les Paul Custom (pictured at left) that he used on 'Frampton Comes Alive' and two Humble Pie albums.

In 1980, the 1954 guitar was among Frampton's equipment on a cargo plane that crashed while en route to Panama. All of the instruments were thought to be destroyed until it was located on the Dutch island of Curacao by two fans, one living there and one in Holland. With the assistance of the Curacao Tourist Board, by unknown means.

When the Curacao Tourist Board heard about the fans' search, they decided to help, tracking down the instrument to an unnamed individual. Once the guitar -- which was also used on sessions with George Harrison and Harry Nilsson -- was found, it was reunited with Frampton in Nashville last month, and experts from Gibson confirmed it was the original.

"I am still in a state of shock, first off, that the guitar even exists, let alone that it has been returned to me," Frampton said in a statement. "I know I have my guitar back, but I will never forget the lives that were lost in this crash. I am so thankful for the efforts of those who made this possible ... And, now that it is back I am going insure it for 2 million dollars and it's never going out of my sight again! It was always my #1 guitar and it will be reinstated there as soon as possible -- some minor repairs are needed."

Watch Peter Frampton's 'Do You Feel Like We Do?'

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WOW! That's an amazing story! Bet those fans are his best buds right now ha ha

super cool!

ONE Happy Camper...Look at that smile....Hmmm...Whats that 54 Gibson worth on the market, let alone to him??? Wowza !!

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