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Morning all, been gone from here for a while working on other projects (4 wheel) lol.  Any way have a friend that would like me to build a shamisen.  I see where a few have talked about them but can't find any that have been done.  Can someone give me some pointers on the neck build if they did one.  Looks to be the difficult part.  Thanks all

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Hi Greg.  A Shamisen is somewhat the original form of the cigar box guitar.  : )

The  concept is almost identical.  Long stick neck, three strings, wood peg tuners, but a drum with skin head for a body.   If you Google Image or check Amazon you'll find several examples.  You'll need to research how to stretch a skin drum, but other than that the building techniques are pretty straight-forward.

I know I've seen some here over the years.  Sorry, but I've never built one so I'm no help.

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