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So I'm thinking of using a bone nut on one of my builds (four string on a uke scale). I picked up a couple of blanks - Proline Guitar Parts. They are 3/8" tall and 1/4" thick. My fret board is 1/4", so taking the height down won't be too much work. But, I'm wondering about several things...

  1. Does it need to be thinner? The nuts on my ukes are all about 1/8" thick but those are strung with nylon strings at a much lower tension.
  2. Does the top need to break towards the headstock? In other words, should there be an angle from the from the face of the nut toward the headstock or can I leave it flat? If it needs an angle, how do I determine what the angle should be?



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Got Bone

Got Bone

When i make my bone nuts their usually width of the neck x 1/4" thick x dime height above the fretboard. Rounded over towards the peghead. Slot to string spacing and epoxy inplace.

1/4" should be fine. The slots should be angled, but the top doesn't have to be. It's nice to have the top and ends rounded  as Randy described, for the comfort of the player. Look at several "real" nuts for ideas.

Thanks for the help everyone! I'll let you know how it turns out.

Randy - do you ever make bones (the hand instrument) from that stockpile?

Those are rib bones your thinking of, never tried them.

Mmmm, ribs!

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