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I am not fond of the job of putting in fret wire. Yesterday I got pretty flusterated with using the bottle of brush on super glue so I quit for a while. On the way home tonight I stopped a ACE Hardware and picked up a little bottle of Loctite Super Glue that is called a Pen. It has a fine point and you press down on a little tip to get the glue to flow. It sure worked well for me to get glue on the fret wire. I hope it holds as well as the brush on type I was using because I sure like it.

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I get so frustrated with super glue in the liquid form....... I spend a lot of time getting my fingers unstuck to whatever I am gluing.

I've switched to super glue in gel form which I get three tubes to a pack at our local dollar store. I also find that the small tubes result in less waste than the big tubes that harden up after a while.

The super glue gel also gives you a bit more working time to get the part positioned where I want it.

Cheers, FIN
Frank Finecey
Nutall Rise, FL

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