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I am making a guitar for my Grandson. I'm putting the little tin pictured below in it, mostly for decoration. The top of the tin will project slightly through the top of the guitar. The tin is about 3 1/8" in diameter and about 1" deep. I'm wondering what kind of sound I would get if I put a piezo inside the tin. Any idea?

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Will the bridge be on the Dead Head tin, or elsewhere? If it is gonna be part of the bridge.....I'd put a piezo in it....but, isolate as usual....you may get a lil reso-thing goin on there. If its just for looks...I'd put the peizo near the bridge as usual.
Our resident reso experts may say different.
If I understand right, you'll cut a hole in the box and partially submerge the tin (GREAT tin BTW). That's very similar to what many builders do with an Altoids tin to make a reso. In that case the bridge is mounted on the tin and often the piezo is mounted on the inside of the top of the tin under the bridge. This works surprisingly well to get a reso type sound.

As usual the piezo should be somewhat isolated in a wood sandwich or mounted using hot glue or something similar so the piezo isn't in direct contact. If you find the piezo is producing feedback you can put a crumbled up piece of paper inside the tin (and box if needed) or bubble wrap or foam rubber.

Keep us posted Paul, us Deadheads want to see how this turns out.
Thanks for the responces. I am not going to have the bridge on the tin. I'll put the piezo by the bridge.
This is what I am doing. The bridge will go between the sound holes and the end of the box. The guitar will be all black per grandsons request. bolt in neck.

THAT, is a cool guitar....excellent work Paul, I cant wait to see it finished

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