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Got all my parts together to build my first CBG and I have a question about the strings before I start.  Which strings in the set should I use for building a three stringer?   

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Most folks use the three lightest ones from a set.

I buy mine one at a time, and use a string gauge calculator to figure out what gauge I need. You'll need to know your planned tuning and your scale length:


Happy building!
ok the neck what type of wood? how long is the scale? what tuning? will you be sliding?
for slide i hate wound strings, i make my own strings. if i was using real string:

.026 unwound tunes G-D
.014 unwound tunes G-C
.012 unwound tunes A#-E

tunings I use GAD, GBD, CGC, CGA#, DGB, DAD,DGC,

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