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Found this surfboard shaped cutting board made of bamboo and thought it might work.  Please feel free to instruct me with things I may me doing wrong.  So far this is what I have done.  Found an old strat style parts guitar and took the neck and trimmed it to the thickness I needed so that the fret board is just above the cutting board surface.  Then took a piece of oak 1x3 and shaped it to run most the length of the board for added strength.  My plans were to use a humbucker pickup but found they are to thick to use. Now looking at a Flatpup pick up or ?  Not sure.  Also have to decide on how to shape the cutaway to reach the bottom frets.... My brother-in-law the guitar player pointed that out to me. lol  So heres some pic's and fire away...  Thanks

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Looks good so far Greg

more pics


Decided to use a Seymour Duncan Antiquities 1 pickup I found on Ebay as they are only 5.5 mm thick.  It should would great with a little luck.  Cant wait for it to get here, figure out the scale and start the install. The scale I'll need help on, so be doing some studying in the mean time.

Ok need some help in figuring where to mount the pickup. The distance from nut to bridge is 25" with 12.5 from 12th fret to bridge.  How far should I mount the pickup from the bridge for the best sound?  thanks


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