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Ted ask me to describe the rain stick i posted so here it is.

The rain stick comes from Chile and was used in ceremonies to bring rain to the Atacma desert


Most that are seen in stores are made from dryed cactus or bambo the cactus ones are dryed limbs after they dry the thorns are broken off turned around and pushed back in to the cactus then  beads or small stones are poured in and when its turned  from end to end it makes the sound of rain.


Bambo sticks are made the same way just poke a hole in the part that divides the joints and put in beads or small stones you have to drill holes in the bambo and glue tooth picks or what ever  for the beads to bounce off of. making the sound of rain.


Now for mine , I made mine from pine cut it on 45's glued and nailed it together, then I shot nails in to the board  I used number 7 shot from a 12 ga shell and cup of rice. When its turned on its end the shot and rice fall thur the nails and hopefully make the sound of rain falling. 

I guess I'll know the next time we do Walking in Memphis or I wish it would rain.



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Awesome Ottie, sounds good to me!


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Thats awesome Ottie, sounds cool.


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