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hi friends,,


lot's of friends here have seen my last photos, i talk about the many many many boxes i have recieved last week :o),,

of course lot's of you ask me ,, man where did you get them !!,  i can tell you that if i've saw so many boxes in 1 time i would ask the same,  ha ha,,




the story begin 6 months ago,, i 've ask to a lot's of peoples in France, and to all the contacts, good friend etc..., that i know ,,  that i'm looking for some boxes,,, i can tell you that i 've past so many time for that !!, so much work,, always show to everyone ,, that's what i do with this boxes, i building some guitars !!, now a lot's of peoples in France discovered what is a CBG :o),,


second thing:  in september someone have contact me for an experience for april 2011,, 1 week with children, learn them how to build some cbg,, after that i will have an exposition to show all of that in the end of the week , on saturday,, and after i will have a gig !!, cool,,  it's will be accross Paris,, very good :o),,


the problem was that i will have 150 childs, 10/12 years old,,  wow wow,, i'm sure it will be great time,, love to work with childs,,

so i've ask again to everyone i could to help me to find enough boxes to do that,, and a guy from Paris contact me one morning, and say:

man,, i really love your work,, and i want to help you to realize this project,, and make happy 150 childs,,  i have many boxes from many years in a place,, i don't know what to do with them,, and i would put them to trash,, so i could give them all to you,  !!!

i can tell you that's it was like a miracle, !!,


of course i've said YES, thank's a lot ,,

so the boxes arrive last week,, first i didn't know how many, and how they look,, but when we were go to take them this week-end with help from friend,, we were totally crazy !!!,  very good day !!, ( and big party !!:o))


so i would thank's the great guy who offert me all this boxes,  in the name of the 150 childs who will have a cbg soon,,,


nice story just before christmas,,   i'm a believer.....


wish you all merry christmas,  and all the best ,,,     JOYEUX NOEL  à tous :o),,

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Tinqui8, That is very cool! I hope all goes smoothly for you. Happy holidays

Great story Tinq, wow 150 children, you'll have your hands full...

hi friends :o), thank's,,   sure 150 child i will need more than only 2 hands, ha ha,,


merry christmas to you guys !    Joyeux Noêl

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