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Upcoming Book: 'The Cigar Box Guitar Book'. Help Me Write my Book.

Hi, I'm David Sutton and I'm writing a book which is tentatively titled "The Art of the Cigar Box Guitar" for Fox Chapel Publishing. Fox Chapel publishes books about woodworking primarily but they're branching out a bit.
I'm looking for short (1 sentence to two paragraphs?) comments from clubhouse builders on the subject of what building and/or playing cigar box guitars means to you, what has it brought to your life and why you do it?
Be advised that I intend to publish some of these comments, so whatever you write could end up published. If you post here you are implying permission for me to use the quotes.
You may choose to identify yourself by name or by initials, just let me know what your preference would be.
If you have any questions let me know, and if you'd like a couple of solid references talk to Ted Crocker or to Diane in Chicago. Please tell your friends if you think they might have something to say.

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a simple double neck build with biscuit canister lids under the biscuit bridges to make the guitar sound similar to a resonator.
David, Mr Cajun is too modest. We all look up to what he comes up with. Pop a cold one and enjoy:

Find more photos like this on Handmade Music Clubhouse
The Art of the Cigar Box Guitar!

Dave, I told you about Brian/Bairfoot, lots of substance and character...

Somebody should write a book
Hi David,

Here's my 2 cents:

About 10 years ago I walked into a bar in Flagstaff, AZ and Richard Johnston was on stage playing his Lowebow. Needless to say, I was blown away by his performance and his instrument. He was kind enough to let me play his cbg for a couple of minutes and I've been hooked ever since.

Now that I'm a builder, I can't imagine spending hundreds of dollars on a store bought guitar. Nothing compares to the feeling of building your own instrument and playing it for the first time. Nothing.

Right On John
Just a few of the guitars i've built.
The building of Cigar Box Guitars will turn a hardcore germaphobe into an all out dumpster divin' fool in about 3 days. It's the nature of the beast.

Me: "Hello, my name is Shane and I build Cigar Box Guitars."
Group: "Hi Shane, welcome to the meeting, were here to help you."

Join the CBG revolution!

Shane Hopkins
Clearwater Florida
Shane, give us a tease of some of your performer photos. Start a group or a blog and load us up...
Howdy David, hope this is what you're after!

The first time I saw a cigar box guitar was near the end of July in 2008. I was flipping through that year's guitar buyer's guide and there was a section for Daddy Mojo guitars. I don't know how long I stared at the page wondering who came up with this. After searching around for days I found The Daddy Mojo site and that got me started. The excitement from seeing Lenny's work made me want to build one (or...ten!) and I somehow found Scotty's guitar page, which led me to Shane Speal who started Cigar Box Nation, which led to the Clubhouse.

I build these guitars simply because I can't stop! I love the feeling of making something that can make music and that it's something not everybody's ever seen. Anybody can point out an acoustic or electric guitar and tell you days worth of information about it, but when I walk into a room with a CBG you can almost hear the heads turning ha ha, it's really something to see. And that's something else I get from CBGs, the opportunity to meet some great people. Ted Crocker and Randy Bretz to name a couple but I also ran into Lenny Robert, the foreman for Daddy Mojo guitars, and honestly I didn't think he'd give me the time of day, but man was I wrong! When I first got started on the Nation he was thrilled to talk to me about the guitars and I think that's what made me stay with it: knowing that the better known of us will still take the time to help a beginner and you just don't see that much anymore. But it's not about the name, it's about the love of the instruments and of the music, and that's something the companies have lost along the way.

-A.J. Hancock
Diamondback Guitars

Hi David, I would feel honoured to be included if you have room, though I am not even close to the standard of most of the builders here! My name is Julian Perry from Littlehampton on the South Coast of Britain and I stumbled on Cigar Box guitar websites by accident nearly a year ago after buying some empty boxes to keep art equipment in. I was immediately immersed in the history and simplicity of these fascinating instruments. Having always been a folk 'n' blues fan, and a bit arty-crafty, I thought 'I can do that...I think!' So I did, and to my amazement my first one worked and not only that, it sounded great! Up until then I thought there was some 'magic' involved in instrument making and that it would be beyond me, but now I just wish I had time to make even more! The look on people's faces when they hear these kinds of sounds produced by a simple cigar box is priceless. I've learned more about music from building CBG's and the brilliant members of 'Handmade music Clubhouse' and 'Cigar Box Nation' than I ever did at School or even in my guitar lessons as a kid, both of which I grew disillusioned with pretty quickly. I feel CBG building should be taught in schools. It incorporates art, craft, design, history, maths, woodwork, metalwork and music. What other skills does a person need in life?!!

Hi David, I am so very excited about your upcoming book. I will be at the first annual Handmade Muisc Clubhouse Fest scheduled for Sept. 3 - 5. It is all very exciting and special for me since I am new at building cigar box guitars and other instruments, and a woman in a predominantly man-filled craft!!!. Hope to meet you very, very soon.
David, thought you might enjoy seeing the banjo I created. It was the winning entry in the Clubhouse Kitchen Build contest. I will have it at the music fest, so come and see it in person!!!!!

Hey David, make a note to bring a lot of extra rolls of film, video cassettes and pencils/paper.

Be prepared to start a new folder called 'The Art & Craft of Handmade Music

...and bring an appetite...

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